Innovative, intuitive and powerful solutions for process plant reliability engineering

RAMS Mentat is an innovative technical and systems engineering approach that enables the reliability and safety performance of the production system to be optimized with consideration of capital investment, operational and maintenance cost constraints.

Our motivation

At RAMS Mentat, we believe that value is created when we push the boundaries that constrain our performance. For the reliability engineer, the greatest constraint is self-imposed by tools that trivialize the behavior of the complex production system.  Therefore, we develop tools that deliver insights into system behavior and enable the impact of design changes and mitigating measures to be quantified.

Shortening the reliability improvement journey

Suppose you want to drive your car from A to B. You use a navigation device to find the shortest route. This is, an algorithm that solves the complex traffic system. Since a process plant is also a “complex system”, the reliability improvement journey is no different; the shortest path can only be found be “solving” the system equations.