Capability Analysis for CAPEX Projects in the Chemical Process Industry

Model-Based Evaluation of System Performance Threats using T-RAMS-LCC Analysis

Embrace uncertainty.
Eliminate emotion.

Make transparent and confident decisions at project gates, despite uncertainties.

Say “Go”, “Wait” or “Stop” with Confidence

A quantitative approach to decision-making, such as T-RAMS-LCC Analysis, restores clarity and objectivity, and provides clear signals at crucial project decision points.
T-RAMS-LCC stands for: Throughput, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Life Cycle Costs.

Estimate System Performance for Defined Scenarios

T-RAMS-LCC Analysis is the model-based evaluation of threats to the performance of the production system. The analysis enables the robustness and quality of the design to be evaluated in terms of the project targets.

The purpose of analysis is insight

Identify and mitigate the dominant
causes of performance loss to
-1 %
Reduce CAPEX
-1 %
Reduce OPEX
1 %
Increase Production

Software Features

  • Process flows, tankage, and fluid supply chains.
  • Equipment configuration, operational and decision logic.
  • Equipment failures, maintenance tasks and inventory logistics.
  • Events and costs as constants or continuous distributions.
  • Access detailed simulation results via SQLite.
  • Explore and plot simulation results using DB Browser.
  • Custom reports and data visualization using Python.
  • Drag-and-drop model construction.
  • Model-In-Model architecture to reduce complexity.
  • Develop custom model libraries for model standardization and re-use.
  • Combine and share models to work collaboratively.
  • Data remains in your domain with the desktop app.
  • Model files are encrypted to prevent data extraction.
  • Model files may be password protected.

Flexible Model Development to Reflect the Real World

The real world does not fit into a table or a standard arrangement. Use the T-RAMS-LCC software VirtualWorld to build a model that represents your understanding of reality and establishes an interface to your project targets.

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