Reliability Roadmap

The purpose of the Reliability Roadmap is to identify concrete technical measures for improving plant performance. The RAMS Mentat approach is used to hard-wire the identified mitigating measures to the system performance targets, whilst also considering the available financial and engineering resources.

The figure below shows a typical project plan or developing the Reliability Roadmap. It is noted that the Mentat leads the project and also that various RAMS Mentat tools may be applied.

A typical project plan for developing the Reliability Roadmap.

Details of the project deliverables are not presented here. However, examples of typical work that may be conducted for each project phase are outlined by other Use Cases and Tools:

It is reasonable to assume that your production and maintenance systems are currently not optimized. It is estimated (to-date without evidence) that an optimization will enable the total costs to be reduced by approximately 20 %.

The RAMS Mentat technical approach may be complemented by an observation-based project that target implementation efficiency, e.g.: wrench time.