Training is offered, in Face-To-Face and Online formats, for all aspects of the RAMS Mentat methodology. The currently available training topics are listed below. Should you require training on a specific topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to become a RAMS “Mentat”

By browsing this website, you will discover new ideas for addressing the process plant reliability problem. If you apply these methods in practice, you will discover that “RAMS Mentat” is much more than a collection of technical methods. It is a new and valuable way of viewing and approaching the reliability problem.

What is Mentat? The term “Mentat” is attributed to Frank Herbert’s book “Dune”. A Mentat is a person who is trained to mimic the cognitive and analytical ability of computers. Use of the term Mentat in the context of process plant reliability engineering is technically relevant, since a production plant is a complex system, and simulation is absolutely necessary to make optimum decisions in complex systems.

Simply said, a Mentat makes better decisions. And a series of good decisions can be very positive for your career perspectives.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Mentat, both in relation to your current position and also in view of your career development roadmap.

Comprehensive Face-To-Face Training

The following Face-To-Face training packages are available:

  • Seminar – A technical and systems engineering approach to optimising process plant availability and profitability.
  • An agreed selection of the Online training modules.

Compact Online Training

The following Online training modules (duration approx. 1 hour) are available at modest prices:

  • How to calculate the MTTF, MTBF, MTTR, Availability and Reliability of assets and sub-systems.
  • How to conduct Weibull analysis of failure data.
  • How to characterize the stochastic performance of the production system based on historical data.
  • How to set performance targets in stochastic systems.
  • How to dimension storage tanks.
  • How to quantify the business case for a design change or mitigating measure.
  • How to create Phenomenological Asset Models.
  • How to determine the effectiveness of a maintenance task.
  • How to create a Block Flow Model of the production system.
  • How to … [ insert your own topic here! ]

To book an online training session, simply contact us. Note that some of the shown examples can only be reproduced using RAMS Mentat software products.


Not really training, but perhaps entertaining! See our Podcasts.