Use Cases

There are six Use Cases for application of the RAMS Mentat methodology:

  • Plant RAMS Study – Characterise the stochastic performance of the production system as a basis for target-setting.
  • Investment Projects – Technical validation of the project targets and business case, and identification of design weak-points.
  • Reliability Roadmap – Development of a technical validation of a reliability improvement roadmap.
  • Asset Strategy – Development of an asset strategy based on a Phenomenological Asset Model (PAM) of the asset hazards and maintenance tasks.
  • Evergreening – Integrate the RAMS Mentat methodology in existing business processes for risk management and continuous improvement.
  • What-if Analysis – Quantify impact of hypothetical scenarios on the overall system performance.

The RAMS Mentat methodology is applicable to the entire asset life-cycle and that the results from one Use Case can be re-used in the context of other Use Cases. Further, as indicated below, the RAMS Mentat method enables the maintenance “sweet spot” – until now just a text book concept – to be achieved in practice.

The maintenance “sweet spot”. Source: R. K. Mobley, An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance, Second Edition, Butterworth Heinemann, 2002.